Space Management

With Evolve FM you can manage all the people, places and things in your facility. Display your data in grid form or on your floor plans, easily color drawings based on allocation, space type, occupancy, virtually any space criteria that you need.

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Maintenance Management

Evolve FM delivers functionality for all your maintenance management needs, including demand and preventive maintenance. Evolve FM  helps you and staff seamlessly manage maintenance activities from request through completion.  See how much easier your life can be.
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Asset Management

Managing assets is key in many organizations. With Evolve FM you can locate any asset in the system on  your floor plans. Just looking to add or retrieve information the data grid may be just what you need.  We give you the tools to work how and where you want.
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Move Management

Successful organizations are in a constant state of change, responding to continuous shifts in the economy, the global marketplace, workforce trends and technology. Evolve FM gives you the ability to grow, downsize, and reorganize your workforce to effectively meet these challenges.
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Need a flexible CAFM solution? Look no further!

Evolve FM  is a very powerful CAFM Solution which suits both casual users just looking to retrieve facility information  as well as advanced users looking to do more in-depth analysis. It will help you keep your data current and readily available.

Why choose Evolve FM?

  • Modern user interface – Easy enough for general users to use with little or no training
  • Available on any device with browser capability – No special software needed on users machines
  • Flexible – Use with or without drawings
  • Optimized to consume BIM data – Populate your database with the data that matters to you
  • Host in your environment or ours – You decide whats right for you
  • Configure (not customize) to meet your needs – Keeping you compatible with future updates
  • Secure – You decide what your users can can can’t see
  • Affordable – price points designed to serve both large and small facilities

Evolve FM – Wherever your work happens!

Evolve FM is a modern, clean and super flexible multi-purpose CAFM solution.  It offers all the facility management tools you need for any facility.

Modern technologies and a responsive design allow you to work in any of your devices smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Do your work on your own terms!

With or Without CAD drawings

The possibilities are truly endless DWF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, virtually any image file.  Manage your Facility using the files you have access too. No drawings/images at all we can work with that too.

Get Started with a Simple Data Import

Organize your data in simple spreadsheets that will build the foundation of you database.  Three simple templates will build the foundation of your database with nothing more than a file upload.  Once the system is running add additional data to make your system as robust as you need.

Get as Little or as Much Help as you Need

You decide how you want your implementation to go. Whether you want to do it all yourself, have it all done for you, or somewhere in between you have options and can control how your budget is used.

CAFM Resources is an experienced team of software developers dedicated to delivering simplified more accessible solutions  to the Facilities Management world.  Like our clients, we believe powerful doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to use.

If you think it’s time for a change…

Choose the Features and Pricing that’s right for you!