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CAFM Resources announces the addition of Composer feature to Evolve FM

E volve Composer does some really important and cool things.
Many facilities people want the advantages a CAFM system offers but do not have CAFM ready floor plan drawings.

Now, if you have pdfs, gifs, jpgs, literally any kind of digital picture of your floor plans, you can use Evolve Composer to make them useful as CAFM drawings. Composer provides a set of tools to let you create “spaces “on floor plan images and link them to space records in the database.

These spaces can be highlighted, themed and managed just like CAD generated spaces.

represent assets

You can also create icons that represent assets that you want to show on your floor plans. Then you can drop those icons on your plans at the location of the asset and link the icon to the asset database record. These assets can be displayed on the plans and toggled on and off depending on what the viewer wants to see.

great tool

This is a great tool set for IT people who want to keep track of jacks, connectors and any number of other IT type assets. We’ve had one organization interested in visually tracking art work locations on their plans… Composer lets you do that in a very slick way.

Evolve FM floor plans

Even if you have a full set of usable CAD drawings to create your Evolve FM floor plans, you will still want Composer to visually manage your assets

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