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Successful organizations are in a constant state of change, responding to continuous shifts in the economy, the global marketplace, workforce trends and technology.

You need the ability to grow, downsize and reorganize your workforce to effectively meet these challenges. That means you need the ability to seamlessly coordinate employee and asset moves, adds and changes (M/A/C) without throwing daily operations into disarray.

Evolve FM Move Management software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that helps control the costs of moves while minimizing disruption to your organization.

With Evolve FM Move Management, moves are managed more effectively ensuring your workspaces and resources are ready for immediate employee productivity.

The resulting employee location information is updated in your floor plans automatically and can be shared instantaneously with other departments that rely on accurate employee data, like security, IT, ERP and HR systems

With Evolve FM Move Management, you can:

  • Provide executive decision-makers graphical, easy-to-understand views of spaces and move plans.
  • Create a collaborative environment for executives, employees, facility managers and key task groups to improve efficiency and minimize costs associated with M/A/C.
  • Minimize the number of moves needed through more effective space planning • Create “what-if” floor plan scenarios to support move planning and disaster recovery.
  • Leverage existing CAD data to associate floor plans with personnel, assets and spaces.
  • Automatically generate move lists with corresponding data on personnel and business unit occupation.
  • Distribute work orders to execute M/A/C plans using built-in operations management features.
  • Automate one-person moves using intranet based requests or via drag-and-drop actions from occupant lists.
  • Create move projects that reflect multiple move options.
  • Easily plan, manage and execute moves of all sizes while minimizing disruption to employees and your overall organization.
  • Update M/A/C lists with changes for moves at any phase.

Combine with Evolve FM Space & Assets and Evolve FM Operations & Maintenance for a 1-2-3 Punch.

Evolve FM Move Management software is fully integrated with Evolve FM Space & Assets and Evolve FM Operations & Maintenance.

That means any space occupation plan designed using your floor plans can automatically create a M/A/C ticket while your facility management department maintains the ability to control execution.

By better coordinating all the task groups involved in a given M/A/C, you eliminate redundant data entry in executing the project, ensuring moves are completed correctly and expeditiously.

Evolve FM

Simply Powerful Move Management

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