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CAFM Resources adds Hoteling and Room Scheduling to Evolve FM

Y our employees want an easy way to find an available space and book it. Evolve Room Scheduling is a simple, powerful application for managing all the who, what, where and when details that go with booking a space. 

Evolve Room Scheduling provides easy to select controls to let you view your scheduling information the way you want to…. Spaces are color coded in both the calendar and drawing views so it’s easy to see what’s booked, available and requested…  

Most users just want to find an available space and book it for the period they need….

The calendar view makes this process easy and intuitive. 

Evolve space scheduling

Evolve space scheduling provides intuitive dialogs for locating and booking a space when you need one… you can easily see who’s booked a space and when…. And our space location viewer offers one click access to display where a space you might want to book is. 

Finally, Evolve Room Scheduling also keeps a full history of who was in what space on what day.

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