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Get Started with a Simple Data Import

Evolve Quick Start

Evolve Quick Start provides a set of tools for getting your basic information about assets, spaces and occupants collected in spreadsheet forms for easy upload into your new Evolve FM database.

Evolve Quick Start was developed to help you get up and running quickly. There is no better way to build confidence in our solutions, and your ability to manage them, then to have you up and running within minutes of gathering together the core of your facility information. While this guide is extensive and detailed, the fact of the matter is it takes only three clicks of the mouse to go from an empty system, to working with the data for the people, places and things that make your facilities what they are.

With Evolve it will take you longer to gather together your data and drawings, (if you have or need then), then it takes to load all that information into Evolve. Quick Start breaks through the technical barriers that have traditionally stood between you and the successful implementation of a facility management solution.

Download the Quick Start Package

If your reading this guide, you have likely already downloaded the Quick Start package. If you haven’t already downloaded the package, you can do so by clicking the “Download Quick Start Package” button on the Step One page of Quick Start. The package includes:

  • This Quick Start Guide
  • A My Evolve Data Spreadsheet
  • A My Evolve Assets Spreadsheet
  • A My Evolve Drawings Spreadsheet

These files and any drawings, should you need or want them, is all that is needed to get up and running quickly.

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