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Evolve scales to fit your requirements

You can configure and implement Evolve FM any way you like that meets your needs. We’ve always provided Evolve as an ala carte offering where you simply pick the components you need from the list above and we configure your instance with those components. This approach lets you buy as much or as little of Evolve as you think you need to get your work done.

Recently we’ve added three bundles positioned to serve distinct market segments. These bundles target specific client groups depending on their needs.

Evolve Essentials

If your facility management needs are basic and your budget is tight, Evolve Essentials is for you. It includes image capabilities (drawing composer) for displaying your floor plans and space and occupancy information, basic work order functionality, Dashboards to simplify the user experience, Location Services, and a strong set of administrative features.

Users are named, and you can configure Evolve to define exactly what features each user can access.

Evolve Pro

Includes everything in Essentials, plus concurrent user licensing, easy importing of CAD and BIM drawings, full access to FM Power Tools, all the features in the Operations module, and expanded administrative functions. PRO is the right fit for the majority of the clients we serve. 

Evolve Ultimate

Every module and function discussed in the list above is included in Ultimate. Just decide how many concurrent users you need and you are set to go.

Evolve FM is built to work the way you work, where you work, on whatever device you are using. You can always spend more on a CAFM software solution, but you don’t have to.

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