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Evolve fm in a minute

As a facility manager, you are faced with countless demands and requests on a daily basis. Evolve FM provides a centralized platform for facilities information that gives you enhanced control, information sharing, and affordability compared to other complex and expensive software options. It provides facility managers with an intuitive, budget-friendly solution that simplifies the core aspects facilities management.

Key Functional Areas of Evolve FM Include:

OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE: Evolve FM optimizes facility operations with a module for streamlined work requests, automated routing, preventive maintenance scheduling, and strategic resource planning, ensuring informed decision-making and efficient maintenance management.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Evolve FM streamlines facility asset management with interactive floor plans, comprehensive maintenance logs, and detailed move planning, ensuring optimal asset performance and minimal downtime.

SPACE MANAGEMENT: Evolve FM offers a robust space management solution with customizable dashboards, real-time floor plan displays, and efficient tracking of occupants, assets, and space usage. Map space classifications and generate detailed reports to enhance facility oversight.

MOVE MANAGEMENT: Evolve FM simplifies move management with a web-based, click-and-drop interface for all scales of move projects, offering end-to-end coordination, robust tracking, and real-time KPI dashboards to ensure seamless relocation and stakeholder communication.

SPACE SCHEDULING: Evolve FM Room Scheduling simplifies space booking with intuitive calendar views, real-time floor plan availability, and a comprehensive audit trail, providing a user-friendly and efficient scheduling solution.

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