EvolveFM Space & Assets

View drawings. Find information quickly. Leverage CAD & BIM data.

EvolveFM Space and Assets

Take Advantage of CAD & BIM Drawings & Data

EvolveFM Space & Assets gives you the tools to extract and manage more of the information contained in your drawings. With the Layer and Object controls in the viewer, you choose what geometry to make visible and which objects to make “clickable,” letting you navigate through your data graphically to access the information you need.

Use this tool to manage all the way from the exterior property level down to pieces of equipment, signage, data jacks – the possibilities are endless.

Visualize your Data with EvolveFM Space & Assets

With EvolveFM Space & Assets, you can easily theme your drawings based on allocation, space type, occupancy, virtually any criteria that you need. Spaces will automatically be multi-hatched if they are assigned to multiple cost centers.

Find Information Quickly

Using the quick search tool on any module and the application will return all the records in the module that contain the term you’re looking for.  No need for sophisticated queries or precise terminology.

Work with Familiar Tools

If you can browse the internet you can browse your data – navigation is intuitively web-like. Need to analyze your data more deeply? With the click of a button you can export your data to Microsoft Access, Excel, or any tool that can read a tab delimited text file. No need to abandon the analysis tools that are already working well for you.

View your Drawings

EvolveFM’s viewer technology is Flash based and since 85-90% of computers have Flash drivers already installed, all a user needs is a link to your application’s location and they are ready to go.

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