EvolveFM Products

Browser-based. Secure. Easy to learn and use.

EvolveFM Facility Management Software Platform

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EvolveFM Platform:

  • Built Into Every EvolveFM Module
  • Browser-based, Easy to Use, Affordable
  • Share & Distribute Information
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Secure
EvolveFM Space and Asset Management Software

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EvolveFM Space & Assets:

  • Visualize your Data
  • Find Information Quickly
  • Work with Familiar Tools
  • View your Drawings
  • Take Advantage of BIM Data
EvolveFM Plan Room

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EvolveFM Plan Room:

  • Easily Manage your Electronic Documents
  • Quickly Share As-builts with Contractors/Staff
  • Archive Historical Documents
  • Organize Documents into Dimple Downloadable Packets
EvolveFM Work Orders

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EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance:

  • Create, Receive and Route Web-based Work Request
  • Receive alerts on critical issues
  • View overdue work, or sort work orders on a place, space, asset or technician basis
  • Track costs associated with work order, and more!

EvolveFM Move Management:


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  • Provide executive decision-makers graphical, easy-to-understand views of spaces and move plans
  • Minimize the number of moves needed through more effective space planning
  • Create “what-if” floor plan scenarios to support move planning and disaster recovery
  • Leverage existing CAD data to associate floor plans with personnel, assets and spaces, and more!

Facility Management Software that Everyone Can Use.