EvolveFM for FMDesktop

EvolveFM is the perfect replacement for FMDesktop!

Wish You Could Still Use FMDesktop with the Latest Releases of Design Software?

If you like how FMDesktop works, but are feeling abandoned because its developers are no longer advancing or supporting your software, we have the alternative for you. Introducing EvolveFM from CAFM Resources!

EvolveFM is the only CAFM solution on the market that is the perfect replacement for FMDesktop in terms of cost, functionality and simplicity of operation.

  • Browser-based Technology – access your data from anywhere you can connect to the web
  • Graphically Navigate Data – use your drawings to access all the data related to spaces, assets, and occupants
  • Visualize Data – color drawings based on any data you choose so you can better understand how you are utilizing space
  • Capitalize on Revit BIM Models – easily extract the data from Revit models that is pertinent to running your facility
  • Easy-to-Use – EvolveFM is designed from the ground up to be intuitive to use and quick to learn
  • Familiar Technology – EvolveFM is built using the latest best-in-class technologies to let you work with your drawings and data with tools you are familiar with; because you’ll be using familiar technologies, you’ll be productive quickly without extensive training

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