CAFM Resources adds Operations & Maintenance Module to EvolveFM

CAFM Resources, LLC, developer of EvolveFM, announces the addition of an Operations and Maintenance module to their facility management software suite. EvolveFM is a full-featured, easy-to-use, aggressively priced CAFM software solution that provides facility managers with an affordable tool to manage their building spaces, assets and people. EvolveFM is fully browser-based and can be hosted either “in the cloud” or behind the corporate firewall, accommodating individual customer requirements.

Londonderry, NH (PRWEB), October 15, 2014 – The EvolveFM Operations and Maintenance module delivers functionality for all basic operations and maintenance management needs, including both demand-based and preventive maintenance.

EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance Feature Summary

Whether an organization prefers a highly automated rules-based system that gets a work request into the hands of a technician virtually automatically, or a more manual system where helpdesk personnel or supervisors make decisions about when and who handles a particular work order, the EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance system provides a complete and flexible operations feature set.

  • Create, receive and route web-based work requests – the work request is the basic communication tool for reporting a problem in the facility to management so that action can be initiated to get it fixed.
  • Obtain approvals as part of the workflow if necessary – EvolveFM accommodates workflows that mirror the organization’s processes for getting work done.
  • Receive alerts on critical issues in the workflow – EvolveFM allows for prioritizing work that needs to be done and the ability to track that work.
  • View a comprehensive list of work orders in process – EvolveFM provides activity feeds, data grids and reporting capability that allows management to see what work has yet to be completed and how old that work is.
  • View overdue work, or sort work orders on a place, space, asset or technician basis – EvolveFM offers facility managers various tools and reports so they can have the information they need to keep the facility running smoothly.
  • Assign work orders to available personnel – it’s important to be able to match up work orders to maintenance staff based on their availability and skill sets.
  • Link related work orders – being able to group work orders allows for more efficient assignment of work to be done.
  • Attach documents, including drawings and specs, etc. – EvolveFM lets you see drawings, pages of repair manuals and other documents, which speed up asset repair and maintenance process.
  • Track costs associated with work orders – being able to track and report the cost of work performed allows you to better manage operational costs.
  • Send work order instructions to PDA – EvolveFM lets you send email notifications defined in your workflow to all stakeholders who need to be kept informed.
  • Define a work order schedule – EvolveFM lets you schedule work to be done and can either proactively inform your customers who submit work requests or let them query their requests to see who will be doing the work and when it will be done.
  • Attach work orders to a work order schedule – maintenance managers can assign open work orders to maintenance staff based on skill sets and availability.
  • Create and update a Task Schedule of pending work orders – maintenance managers use task schedules to keep track of what work is being done and when.
  • Schedule and manage preventive maintenance – Any work request can be made repetitive by filling out a few additional fields defining dates, times and frequency.

To learn more about the EvolveFM Operations and Maintenance module, click here.

About CAFM Resources LLC

CAFM Resources creates and implements powerful, easy-to-use, affordable Facilities Management software applications. CAFM Resources is focused on the development and implementation of solutions that address the four primary functions of facilities management: Space & Asset Management, Move Management, and Maintenance Management. The company focuses on integrating, supporting and personalizing these solutions for facility professionals.

CAFM Resources was founded in 2007 by Randy Ledoux, formerly of Applied Spatial Technologies, the original developers of FMDesktop. It has focused on developing the next evolution in facility management software, starting with FMView, which ultimately provided the architecture for EvolveFM. EvolveFM takes the best elements of FMView and FMDesktop, web enables the complete solution, adds many new features and functions to create facility management software that everyone can use.

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