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EvolveFM is from the original developers of FMDesktop.

CAFM Resources

About CAFM Resources and EvolveFMCAFM Resources creates and implements powerful, easy-to-use, affordable Facilities Management software applications.  The company focuses on integrating, supporting, and personalizing these solutions for facility professionals.

CAFM Resources’ original software product was FMView, a browser-based add-on for Autodesk® FMDesktop software that entered the thin client space which is now becoming the industry standard for CAFM applications.  Now that Autodesk is no longer supporting FMDesktop, our focus at CAFM Resources has advanced into developing the next generation CAFM solution – one that takes the best elements of FMView and FMDesktop plus all the changes that the user community has been asking for.   And EvolveFM was born!

The CAFM Resources team is rich with industry knowledge collected through their many years of experience in the CAFM workspace – several of the principals were part of Applied Spatial Technologies, the company that originally developed FMDesktop.

CAFM Resources is focused on the development and implementation of solutions that address the four primary functions of Facilities Management:

  • Space/Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Maintenance Management

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