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CAFM Software: Is Easy Better?

Here’s the question I have been thinking about…. Does “easy to use” trump “it can do everything and anything” in the CAFM software arena (or, I suppose, with any software application). Apple has always taken that position to some extent…. They always get very high marks for usability even if their devices don’t do many of the things that their competitors’ devices do.

EvolveFM CAFM SoftwareI’ve been involved for more years than I care to document with facility management software applications and the biggest complaint I’ve always heard has been that they all were, to one extent or another, perceived as hard to use. This gets particularly problematic in the facilities management business, where the staff responsible for keeping things running are under constant pressure to keep things working and deliver timely information up the management food chain; these people literally don’t have time to learn to use any solution, regardless of its perceived power, if the learning curve is long and difficult.

So, does the “less is more” paradigm apply here? I’m beginning to think that it does. Do the basics, do them well, and do them easily seems to make sense. How many of the features of MS Excel or Word do you use every day? Maybe 10% to 15%? I know that is true for me…. I may find some psychological comfort in knowing there is a lot of power there that I could use if I could ever find the time or the learning resources, but it will likely never happen.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue….


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