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We’ve been having a lot of internal discussions (partners and staff) lately about how to deliver reporting capability in EvolveFM. Like most CAFM software solutions, we are built on a SQL database engine, and SQL offers some pretty robust tools for report creation for those users with dedicated dba staff with the skills to use them. EvolveFM comes with some basic reports “in the box” and it’s not rocket science to tweak those reports to deliver the data a particular user needs in the desired format.

EvolveFM CAFM SoftwareThat being said, we’ve also been looking at some 3rd party report creation tools that appear to make it easier for non-dba types to create new reports or customize existing ones. However, it’s hard to determine the value of some of these tools to end users.

I’ve always operated under the assumption that reports define the way the user wants to consume and share their information. It always seemed that no matter how many so called standard reports came with the box of software, the client always needed something different. In my experience as a long time provider of CAFM software applications as both a reseller and software vendor, most clients didn’t have the time or skills to mess around with trying to create their own reports; they generally wanted to define what they needed to a partner (or maybe an internal dba) and have them create the needed report(s).

What’s your experience on this? How do you determine what your reporting needs are? Do you really need reports? Or just ad hoc queries of the CAFM database to get the information you need? We’d like to know how you think about this….

We look forward to hearing from you – thanks!


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