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EvolveFM Brings New Standards of Price & Performance to CAFM Software

CAFM Resources, LLC, developer of facility management software that everyone can use, introduces EvolveFM™, a full-featured, easy-to-use, aggressively priced CAFM software solution. EvolveFM provides facility managers with an affordable tool to manage their building spaces, assets and people.  EvolveFM is fully browser-based and can be hosted either “in the cloud” or behind a firewall, accommodating individual customer requirements.

Subscribe to NewsletterLondonderry, NH (PRWEB), July 17, 2012 – The flagship release of EvolveFM from CAFM Resources, LLC, has been built to meet the requirements of a specific facility management demographic that requires a CAFM solution that is accessible, easy to understand, and affordable.

The principals at CAFM Resources have been using their decades of experience working on software products like FMDesktop™  (acquired by Autodesk in 2005 from Applied Spatial Technologies) to develop the next evolution in facility management software, EvolveFM. In 2007, Randy Ledoux, formerly with Applied Spatial Technologies, launched CAFM Resources and began development of FMView, a live web application for FMDesktop. When Autodesk discontinued FMDesktop in 2009, the decision was made to use the FMView architecture to create EvolveFM initially as an upgrade and forward migration path for FMDesktop users.

The EvolveFM solution currently includes:

  • EvolveFM Platform:  the foundation of this high-performance solution for sharing and managing facility information
  • EvolveFM Space & Assets:  lets users view drawings, find information quickly, and leverage CAD and BIM data
  • EvolveFM Plan Room: provides a repository for the electronic files related to a facility

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“It was important that EvolveFM be a zero footprint web solution that could be hosted locally or in the cloud,” said Randy Ledoux, Principal at CAFM Resources. “Like FMDesktop, it needed to be easy-to-use and affordable.”

EvolveFM meets all of the requirements that FMDesktop and FMView users told CAFM Resources they needed.  “We were able to work closely with The Ohio State University during the entire development cycle for EvolveFM,” said Ledoux.  “This provided us with a robust environment to develop and refine the features we were told by past customers would be important to both Ohio State University and the general user community.”

Joe Porostosky, Senior Manager, Facilities Information and Technology Services at The Ohio State University added, “FMView had already changed the way we provided space data and reporting to our users.  So moving to EvolveFM from FMDesktop, with its heavy emphasis on ease-of-use and modern technologies, was an easy decision.  With the addition of EvolveFM Plan Room to provide our users with a powerful, yet simple-to-use document repository, EvolveFM has become a great tool for our organization.  We currently have 6 million square feet of data managed by EvolveFM, and should have about 35 million by mid-2013.”

Another early EvolveFM user, Steve Kalinosky, a facility manager with the U.S. Forest Service in Madison, Wisconsin added, “When Autodesk announced it was discontinuing support for FMDesktop, we started looking for replacement solutions without much success. Everything we looked at was either too complicated or too expensive for our needs. When I saw EvolveFM, I knew right away it was the perfect replacement for FMDesktop, with improved functionality while being much more scalable.”

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Randy LedouxRandy Ledoux has been involved with CAFM/Asset Management software for 16 yrs . As a founding partner of Applied Spatial Technologies, he was involved in the development of FMDesktop which was acquired by Autodesk in December 2005. After the acquisition, Randy formed CAFM Resources to continue developing Facilities Management Software with a focus on core functionality and ease of use.View all posts by Randy Ledoux →

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